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Happy International Women’s Day!

Ladies around the world and men, today are celebrating ‘Women’s Day’, today is just a simple reminder that women have the right to their liberty.

It was not long ago that women were given the right to vote, Lydia Taft who became the first legal women voter in colonial America. Women from all races and creed have come a long way since and hopefully our voices will continue to be heard and the equality and our liberty continue to grow in strength.

In eastern philosophy the lotus flower is a very powerful symbol, it represents the power and the natural beauty of mother nature. A lotus flower is ‘mud born’, it’s roots originate within the depths of a pond. After a period of time the roots push through the mud, murky water and finally reaches towards the sky and surfaces, the jewel of the flower emerges, the colourful, radiant and beautiful petals, resting calm and zen upon the surface of the water. The lotus flower reminds me of the cycles of a women’s life, her natural cycle and life cycles.

In eastern philosophy the lotus represents the inner mind, for meditation, the murky water our stagnant negative thoughts and the lotus flower, the petals represent the inner jewel of our mind, the purification after meditation comes the clarity of mind, with calmness, wisdom, inner peace and well being.

Today for women, take the time to be still, breathe, meditate for a few minutes and light a candle for yourself and the women in your life and around the world, send them positive thoughts and well being. This day remind yourself how important it is to have time for yourself and be still….

Happy Women’s Day,

Wishing for your well being not just today but everyday…


Colleen, Health Coach




How often in our lives have we questioned ourselves in finding a more harmonious and balanced lifestyle not only within ourselves, but within our personal relationships, family, friends, partners, your pets?

I often remind myself and my clients, there is no general ‘quick fix’ to inner and outer harmony and our yin and yang balance. There is no absolute truths in finding this either. Some people find this through there own vices, whether it be through a hobby, sport, a personal interest, yoga, meditation, walking, nature, freediving, scuba, surfing, reading, dancing, music, the list is endless. The question is, does this action have a positive impact on your inner and outer well being? Does it create a sense of harmony and balance not just for yourself, but for others, animals and nature?

Everything is in constant motion of action and reaction, cause and effect, full cycles, the cycle of life is continuous. We are a part of this cycle, a part of nature, we are nature. Meditation is a simple tool to assist you to get back to your quiet inner centre, back to your inner nature, your inner yin and yang, reconnect and be in harmony with yourself, others, mother nature.

If you are 100 percent present in the moment, with your hobby or sport, you are already meditating, if it helps finds your inner centre, harmony and balance, that is one of the key ingredients to assisting in your well being. Which means less stress and this has a positive impact (cause and effect) for your family, friends, pets, your loved ones around you.

Today, find a quiet moment, just ten minutes, for yourself and reflect on what brings you inner harmony and balance? Is this positive and does it help with your inner and outer health, well being? Begin with a few deep breathes, close your eyes, imagine a quiet, calm, sandy beach and allow stress to dissolve away….

This simple technique every day can be a beginning of creating a healthier, balanced and harmonious lifestyle for you!

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Meditation can be a single drop of water within the ocean, or it can be the entire ocean


Have you had those days where the rain never seems to stop? Mother Nature opens the sky and water continues for days upon end? The sky is grey, clouds are dark and the sun has fallen asleep with no sunrise or sunset… It’s been like this recently in France, for the past week and trying to be motivated to meditate and do my daily practice, (the words from Yoda start to ring true)..and


Back to reality…being ‘present’ is an important focus point in meditation including the point of breath and discipline. Without these three main factors in your meditation practice, motivation to continue can become a challenge. We can always find excuses why we cannot find the time, discipline, inspiration to do something; in this context, I’m referring to meditation. In the next few weeks, I will be posting some guidance on various techniques of meditation practice, how to overcome limiting thoughts and excuses when it begins with your meditation practice. For beginners this will be helpful too.

Practice makes perfect! I shall be including breath work meditation for freediving and an interview…watch this space..

Happy Meditating!

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We are already halfway through January 2018 and I ask you the question…

Can you really have a plant based diet for just one month?


Call it ‘Veganuary’ month of January or just vegan, you can begin for one entire month to detox with, no meat, no diary, just good fresh veggies and fruit? But hey, the real big question is ‘where do you get your protein’?

For all you healthy, conscious people or you just simply curious about a plant base/vegan diet, the answer is in the tasty legumes, i.e. lentils, beans, tofu, tempah. Do you know that Lewis Hamilton, Formula One Champion, has recently announced he is on a plant based vegan diet, for many reasons to do with his health and feeling so much better for it! Including awesome singer, Will I Am from the band, ‘Black Eyed Peas’, (excuse the pun) but seriously, Will I Am has also gone onto a plant base diet recently he calls it ‘Vgang’ diet, not surprised, knowing their lyrics and poignant dope rap tunes, like this one:


click on picture to start video

Besides, the proof is in the health and other reasons, so for January we encouraging you for a personal challenge, to taste a plant based way of life for one month and see how it makes you feel, in your body & mind, your consciousness. No strings attached, or any crazy, avocado, green vegan ‘preachiness’ (if there is such a word).

In the meantime, I shall go and hug a tree and meditate and put our message ‘out there’ about ‘Veganuary’, I’m here to assist you in guidance, coaching to kick start your one month of a plant base diet. The truth is, you can find out information on this topic yourself, but the good news is, I can honestly talk from experience, been on a plant base diet for 15 years and vegetarian previously for 5 years.

Going the full monty with plant base is far healthier and I’ve got some amazing delicious and healthy, easy to make, home-made recipes to share with you. (my French boyfriend, a keen vegan foodie and great cook himself, really appreciates the recipes).

To give the Veganuary for one month a go with personal coaching, including for yoga and health retreats, please email.



Breathe, OM – Happiness & health CLC



The Art and practice of Tai Chi, Qigong is a constant life long journey of self mastery, this is an internal process of personal evolution. To practice any form of meditation takes focus and discipline, this can be done in any environment indoors or outdoors, ideally in nature. Nature will hold the space you need, to calm your body and mind during your meditation. Recently, we did a Qigong meditation within the forest, of France, you can see my clothing is for outdoors winter, with wellies! My teachers always reminded me, in sun or frost, rain or snow, if you have the beautiful surroundings of mother nature to do your practice, see this as a great gift of opportunity and enjoy! Make no excuses! If you thinking about meditating, today is a perfect time to begin.


The circle above is a symbolic meaning in Japanese called ENSO, a Zen circle representing strength; letting the mind be free for the body to create, this is where the art of practicing Tai Chi Qigong can assist us.



Welcome to our Lifestyle Coaching Blog. Happy Festivities!



Our delicious, healthy, plant-base, recipes to share, with our new food blog… this space 🙂


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ~ Lao Tzu

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