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Wishing ALL you Ladies today a wonderful ‘Happy International Women’s Day’ today!

Women’s International Day reminds us of the beauty and sacredness of the Devine Feminine, the Goddess within each and everyone of us women! Today may you take time out for yourself, pamper yourself.

During my journey up until now, I’ve been fortunate to meet incredible women and worked with and coach women who are in different phases of their lives. They have all been such an inspiration in my life and it’s encouraging to see how more women nowadays are being taken more seriously in business, the work place and within politics, becoming strong role models and ambassadors for future generations.

It’s needed more than before, our planet, the great mother, ‘Pacha Mama’ must get back into the balance, revived, nurtured, nourished. After all she does take care of us, provides the flora and fauna, human beings with abundance. Taking care of our Mother Earth, the feminine is a mirroring, a reflection of what needs to be taken care of within ourselves as women too.

So today here is just a gentle reminder and some tips on how you can pamper yourself today and feel like the Goddess you are, not just today, but every day!

  • take a salt bath with essential oils and soak with candles
  • read from your favourite book
  • share your favourite meal with a friend/your lover
  • take a walk, meditate in nature with your pet or on your own
  • treat yourself for an aromatherapy massage
  • journal top positive things you like to do for yourself and take action
  • listen to your favourite music album
  • paint, draw, do something creative
  • book a holiday or mini weekend break getaway for just you!

Enjoy and make every day a women’s day for you!

Colleen Health Coaching

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Training for the Brighton Half Marathon in April this year a 26 miles run (42km), in the middle of winter, has been one of the biggest challenges for me these past few months. However, I love the process, running on a plant based, vegan diet, integrating the skills of mindfulness (thank you my dear friend, Dr. Cathirose for the reminder of the mindfulness process!). Being focused on every step, connecting the mind and the body, enjoying the connection with mother nature, whilst running out doors helps with the preparation process.

This is my first half marathon and the main motivation is for raising funds for a charity that is close to my heart, the Vegan Society UK. This is my small contribution to help towards raising funds for animals and creating an awareness towards a more compassionate and loving approach towards our animal friends and a healthier and greener environment.

I’ve been on a plant based vegan diet for over 20 years and being active with different sport, yoga, tai chi, qigong, dancing, swimming, running, cycling, freediving, hiking most of my life.

The key ingredient to staying fit and healthy is not just with exercise, but also includes what you eat. Food is your medicine.

Having a healthy body also includes having a healthy mind, both are just as important as the other.

Majority of athletes, sport orientated people, fitness people include meditation, mindfulness, visualization as part of their training.

During the next few weeks and build up towards the Brighton Marathon, I shall blog regularly on my training programme on healthy tips on delicious recipes for vegan, plant based, wellness tips and Podcast interviews with some experts in the field of health and wellbeing.

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My top ten basic tips for staying fit and healthy are:

  • Always begin your day with a healthy breakfast, skipping breakfast will only get you to eat junk food in-between meals, lowering your energy levels
  • Do your best to try eat less meat and balance with more organic fresh veggies, fruits, legumes etc. Even if you try eat meat only once per week, it’s a start.
  • Exercise at least x3 times per week to stay fit and healthy
  • Drink plenty of water everyday to hydrate your body 1-2 litres per day
  • Bring more quiet time in nature, connect with the natural elements, by walking, cycling, running
  • Journal your thoughts on a weekly basis, to destress your mind
  • Watch less TV and read an interesting book, unplug at times to have a break from electronic devices
  • Connect with animals, they have a great way of relaxing you!
  • Try out some meditation practise at least 10-15 minutes per day, I shall write about this in my next blog post!
  • Walk barefoot in nature more often on the grass or on the beach to ground yourself and be connected to the earth

Thats it for today! Enjoy my top ten basic fit and healthy tips and hope this helps you to make change towards a healthier you, or at least a start!

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‘Remember Your Health Is Your Wealth’

-words written by Colleen Lifestyle Coaching



Happy Festive Season! It’s that time of the year already. Time to be Merry and spending quality time with your loved ones, family and friends. Enjoy your festivities and remember to put aside indifferences with the people you love and people around you.

‘The strongest power in the world is Love.’ Love overcomes fear, dissolve the boundaries of fear, let love in. The greatest gifts are the ones that are not always bought, but are shared in a kind look, or a kind gesture towards someone else.

This season, lets also remember our friends, the animals on land and in the oceans, it’s not only our human friends that may be in need of help this festive season, but animals too! They share this planet with us and need our attention and care. Perhaps adopt an animal friend, give to a charity, volunteer at an animal sanctuary. Show our furry and not so furry friends our love and kindness this season.

Majestic Giraffe in South Africa!

Enjoy this time, be present, be kind, be peaceful and love one another.

Happy Christmas and a Peaceful, Healthy New Year!

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Happy Festive Season and take care of your health this season!

Happy Festive Season!

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Mindful Meditation is the new phrase for the ‘Wellness Age’ which you probably see in the media, what is this ‘Mindful Meditation’ about? Is this something, that is an enigma or mystique, only for a Yogi in the Himalaya mountains to do, or a Buddhist monk in Tibet?

The good news is, there is nothing of an enigma around mindful meditation practise, it is actually accessible to everyone, from any age, in any place and any where in the world. It is a practise that has been around for many years, it has an origin, not just from India, China or Tibet, but also from the Indian tribes in North America, to Siberia and tribes in South America and Africa. The only difference, besides the location, is they used a different way of practicing mindful meditation.

So what is mindful meditation exactly? It simply helps the mind to destress and bring you to the present moment by focusing on your breath, either seated in a quiet place on your own or going for a walk in nature, to relax and calm the mind & body. This can be done from 10 minutes up to 1 hour.

Here are my top ten health benefits of Mindful Meditation:

  • Quietens & de stresses the mind
  • Helps with concentration and clarity
  • Improves oxygen to the brain
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Relaxes the body and mind
  • Can be energising
  • Helps with improving our health & wellbeing
  • Helps to connect us to nature
  • Increases our focus
  • Improves relationship with ourselves and people around us

Enjoy your mindful meditation practise, be patient with yourself and you will notice the health benefits, it takes at least 21 days to notice the benefits.

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-Enjoy! words written by, Colleen Lifestyle Coaching

We are in a fast paced modern world, where the more ‘stuff’, more ‘things’ we surround ourselves with, the more we tend to feel a comfort, security or need, desire to accumulate more. However, the mere perception that to posses all these material objects, gives us a long lasting bliss and sense of security is an illusion.

The word ‘minimalism’ is nowadays not just an ancient teaching from Zen monks in the mountains, meditating, it’s becoming more of a ‘lifestyle’ a way of life, to many of us in our modern day world. There are huge benefits to attaining a ‘more is less’ mindset and lifestyle.

Less clutter in our lives, makes things more manageable, really, you agree?

Here I share with you the top 10 tips on the benefits of potentially considering more (ironically) minimalism in your every day life:

  • Less objects to manage and move about in your home, your daily hand bags included 
  • Makes traveling far more easier, travel light, try it out!
  • Creating more ‘space’ in your life, clears the mind, focus 
  • Clearing the old, pass it on, or recycle your objects, very therapeutic
  • Clothing and wardrobe, if not worn in ages, years, pass it on, recycle, you shall feel ‘lighter’ for it
  • Bring nature back into your home, replace green leafy plants instead of lots of unused furniture
  • Easier to manage for dusting, cleaning your home environment, office space included
  • Adds a freshness and openness to an environment less cluttered
  • Letting go of old things, you no longer need, letting go of the past, to move forwards
  • Less is More, it is about quality not quantity, right? 


If you can relate to one or two of these top 10 points, then perhaps you can give it a go, minimalism has many benefits and has a positive impact on our health & wellbeing. Including contributing towards a more environmental awareness, by recycling our things, not longer in use.

The Art of Minimalism, can be that easy to do!

words written by Colleen, Lifestyle Coaching

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Top Five Tips for a Digital Detox:

  • Unplug for 2 hrs in the evening to unwind
  • Put aside smartphones and iphones in another room, for X1hr chill out break
  • Be more ‘present’ with family, friends, pets and loved ones by switching phone off at certain times of the day i.e. during meal time. Agree with friends family all do the same when together.
  • Read a book and finish the novel within a time frame
  • Meditate before sleep time and not look at your phone, social media etc, to have peaceful night sleep

To find out more on DIGITAL DETOX, see my coaching sessions for doing a personalized Digital Detox, to set you in the right direction!

At times we all need to unplug and be in the quiet silence, being present and reconnect to nature and ourselves.








Unplug Technology Detox, X3 Day On Line De Stress the mind, revitalize, body & spirit:

  • Unplug from your digital devices, mobile phone, social media etc, to de stress
  • Mindful Meditation for Detox, Clarity and Focus
  • Qigong Exercises
  • Nutrition & Cleanse
  • Skills for Self Empowerment
  • How to use the skills for long term
  • x3 hours of Lifestyle Coaching sessions with Colleen


DETOX DE STRESS, RETREAT  Online X3 Days includes:

  • De stress Management
  • Mindful Meditation
  • Nutrition, Cleanse
  • Qigong Exercises
  • Time Management
  • Skills for Self Empowerment
  • x3 hours of Health Coach sessions 



During my travels and past life of working within a corporate sector of stock market and financial sector of business, one thing is very apparent. Stress can be the biggest issue and health problem to manage, we forget the biggest investment of our wealth is our health. Without this, our health, we cannot possibly function with efficiency in our every day lives.

Where can we begin to manage our stress levels, so this doesn’t have a negative impact on our health? We are living in an era, where everything is vastly faster, communication, technology, work, business, we are required to keep up with the fast pace of our modern society, to the point of burn out. Yet, the last point we often address, is our health, mental and physical.

“Your Biggest Wealth Is Your Health”

I believe a preventative is better than having to cure an illness.

The top ten hot tips, suggestions, for guidance to maintain your health and well being – (these are just my suggestions, to reflect upon),

  • Meditation approx 15 minutes per day
  • Exercise at least X3 per week at 45 min per session
  • Daily intake included in your food of organic fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Drink at least one and a half litre’s of water per day
  • Express the act of gratitude daily
  • Travel to a place or destination outside of your comfort zone on your own, for a couple of days, take time out, to get a fresh perspective on things
  • Write your thoughts down in a journal to express yourself
  • Learn a second language at least conversational, to connect with another culture through language
  • Surround yourself with people who uplift you, not pull you down, detox the people who bring you down and you feel negative arround
  • Spend regular time and solitude in nature and observe the calmness and stillness

Enjoy and hopefully these health tips will give you a clearer and positive perspective towards your health and well being!

Colleen is a Health Coach, she has consulted clients internationally on a personal basis and within corporate companies, to motivate and guide people towards a self empowering and positive change for their personal health and well being.

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“Food is thy medicine” – Hippocrates.

We are presently living in a fast pace society, time becomes an illusion, we are constantly, chasing the future into the tomorrow, or remembering a nostalgia of our past history.

The  ‘present’ is where we are, in essence, living, breathing, becoming, creating, expanding, growing, learning, in motion ‘being’. Once we begin to trust and be more in the space of being ‘present’ we become ‘in tune’ to ourselves, connected to our internal and external world. Artists, poets, musicians, writers, inventors, visionaries, entrepreneurs, understand the importance of ‘being present’, creative ideas and inspirations are born from the present, fertile mind, within the here and now.

The art of presence connects us to our minds and bodies, the importance of this assists us to listen and intuitively become aware of our physical body. Meditation can be practiced in different forms, through creative means, sport, yoga, qiqong, walking, sitting in lotus position, being present is key. Initially 5 minutes per day for 21 days and build up to x10 minutes per day. Noticed where you keep the stress in your body, this is the first start to understanding the importance of being connected to your physical being.

Our bodies are working for us daily, as a car or vehicle it requires the correct fuel and maintenance to be reliable and run efficiently, taking care of our health and well being is one of the most important priorities. It begins with, the fuel, in our case, the food we put into our bodies, is the result of how our health manifests within the internal and external body.

The Greek Philosopher, Hippocrates once wrote –

“Food is thy medicine”

I encourage you to try this technique of meditation, 5 minutes per day, be present and be aware of your physical body and ask yourself these questions –

Where am I holding stress and tension in my body?

Am I putting healthy fuel, food into my body to go the full mileage and speed I’m currently doing?

Do I eat regular healthy meals?

Do I exercise at least x4 times per week for 30 min each?

Is my health, presently the best it can be?

Can I make small changes to some parts of my health and well being to benefit my overall health?

I encourage you to take the first step towards your health and well being, begin with the art of being present and a daily 5 minute meditation.


For guidance and further tools to begin a healthier lifestyle to benefit yourself and your well being. I offer a 30 min. introduction consultation, as your personal Health Coach, for further information contact me

sessions are strictly at all times confidential and professional between me and my clientele.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.