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Learning English as a Second Language for Businesses or Personally –

I teach & consult business English as a second language, for corporate companies, who wish to improve their English skills. I can assist you to improve your business English skills, to apply a clearer and more precise form of business English, in the following areas of expertise:

  • Meetings, sales and marketing
  • International negotiations and meetings
  •  Staff training for improving their English skills
  • Telephonic skills and communication in English

As your personal business English consultant & teacher, I will be the initial facilitator to take your business English to another level, to improve your every day business interactions & communications, internationally and locally on a professional level.

With over 15 years experience of Coaching experience, from London to Singapore & currently in Paris, I understand the importance of having a language skill, such as English, when working with people from different countries and nationalities, in business.

Teaching business English as a second language, is another passion of mine, to assist my clients to improve their language skills, to help build their confidence and ability to converse in a another language, to benefit themselves, in their everyday professional lives and in the personal lives

To book English sessions for personal one to one or for business English, on line or in person.

I offer the following sessions as your consultant & English teacher:

Business English

Basic Introduction 

Advanced English