My journey up until now, I had to make some big lifestyle changes, for a more healthier and balanced lifestyle…Before my personal change in lifestyle, I worked within the corporate sector of stock market and investment banking, with the demands, stress and pressure, long hours involved working within a corporate environment, took a great impact on my health & well being.

After overcoming an illness from stress, by changing to a more healthier and balanced way of living, I began my  personal journey as a Health Coach & teacher.

Since, I’ve successfully worked and coached people from all walks of life and consulted people within companies and businesses, facilitated at health retreats, as their personal health coach & teacher, internationally, from London to Paris, Dubai, Singapore, Australia, Europe, Canada and USA.

I’m passionate in coaching others improve their health & well being for a better quality of life

A practitioner of Qi gong and trained in the ancient lineage of the ‘Chen’ style tradition of Tai Chi/Qi gong.  I’ve been practicing the art of meditation for the past twenty years, with my basis of training from the traditional Theravada, Zen discipline, learning from masters of this field, ordained Buddhist Monks from Thailand.

I studied in the UK, complementary medicine, began my successful practice in London and trained for 8 years with a master teacher of Tai Chi. I later, traveled and lived in Bali, Indonesia and learned traditional Balinese style of meditation

As a hobby in my spare time, I’m an enthusiastic freediver, explored freediving, on the beautiful island of Bali and originally was inspired, by swimming in close proximity with great white sharks (marine life that is greatly misinterpreted, from films), during my time living in my motherland of Southern Africa.

Freediving, is another form of meditation, I enjoy and the serenity and peacefulness of the ocean and marine life.

I’m currently living in France with my partner and continue to consult as a health coach & English business teacher.

~ Thank you to the people I’ve met upon my journey & teachers whom are my constant inspiration…