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Health Coach

My bespoke Health Coaching sessions are adaptable to every person, according to their lifestyle and their needs. Consultations are available on line and in person. I offer various Health packages, programmes and personalized retreats on line. Individually or for companies as their personal in house Health Coach.

I offer the following online sessions –

  • 90 Minute Health Coaching/Consultation
  • Premium Health Coaching Package
  • Diamond Health Coaching Package
  • Gold Executive/Business Health Coaching Package

Bespoke Health Coaching sessions

  • Corporate/Business as your Health Coach
  • Learning English as a second language for personal or corporate/business

Optional Health Coaching Packages include –

DETOX DE STRESS, RETREAT  Online X3 Days includes:

  • Mindful Meditation
  • Nutrition, Cleanse
  • Weight Loss
  • Qigong Exercises
  • Skills for Self Empowerment
  • x3 hours of Health Coaching sessions with Colleen



Unplug Technology Detox, X3 Day On Line De Stress the mind, revitalize, body & spirit:

  • Unplug from your digital devices, mobile phone, social media etc, to de stress
  • Mindful Meditation for Detox, Clarity and Focus
  • Qigong Exercises
  • Healthy Eating & Cleanse
  • Weight Loss
  • Skills for Self Empowerment
  • How to use the skills for long term
  • x3 hours of Health Coaching sessions


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