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Welcome to Colleen Lifestyle Coaching!

So here you are, landed on a Health Coach website.

Are you looking at finding a way, in adapting your lifestyle to a more balanced and healthier way of living & being, or at least thinking about it?







A great place to start and it seems you landed on the correct website!  Let’s see how I can assist you as your personal Health & Wellness Coach.

Firstly, I shall introduce myself, I’m a professional and qualified Health & Wellness Coach &  teacher of meditation and Qi qong. I’ve been a Health Coach for 15 years and worked with people, from corporate city professionals, CEO’s of companies, doctors, lawyers, professional sports athletes, yoga teachers, practitioners, actors, celebrities and corporate companies, wellness retreats & health spa’s.

I’ve in process, traveled extensively to parts of the world, coaching people, to assist them in living a more healthier, happier & balanced lifestyle.

Just a brief tip, the saying goes….

‘You are what you eat and your lifestyle is a reflection of your internal and external daily living, through the food you eat, exercise & thought processing. 

As your personal Health Coach, I am passionate about assisting you in finding healthier solutions through self empowering tools, so this way you shall become self reliant in your healthy lifestyle change.

I’m the facilitator to guide & help you towards your healthier way of living. Remember there is no ‘quick fix’, all sessions and retreat programmes are bespoke and are specifically designed by myself for you.

During our Coaching sessions we shall work with:

  • Healthier Eating & Cooking Habits
  • De Stress Through Meditation
  • Exercise Routine
  • Qigong
  • Processing & Integrating all tools for long term results

I offer online coaching sessions through Skype or Zoom and in person, depending on your location and schedule. To arrange your first consultation and introduction, I can be contacted by email



‘Thank you for the teachers who have taught and continue to guide me upon my journey’…


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